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Super-boss-Nacchi here!
Hope you all had a great Christmas with a lot of presents! (mine was drinking, drinking, drinking... my two girls know how much I love to drink, right? hahaha...)

Are there still people following us?
The three of us are students, so we do not have much time to post, sorry people!
But we will try to keep this community on the road and post a little bit more! If you want to suscribe some ideas, pictures or whatever, please message us (^^)

Writing today because Nissy posted some interesting pictures on this blog today!
(and because some girl asked me to do it... :D make me an excuse to not work for my exams...!)

And computer is not helping me (TT__TT)

For the non-Japanese speakers, the last one is Nissy with Chiaki's stylist, and you can see Chiaki angry face on the back with writing on the top "Watashi no Takahiro wo..." meaning "My Takahiro..." with a angry smiley.
How cute is it right?
Chiaki is a bit jealous hehehehehe :)

Yup, I have to leave now!
Short entry but ya'll have sweet dreams, won't you? :)

ABCDE Book ♪

OMG ! Less than one month since my last post ? It's impossible (*^¬^)ノ

I'm already back with some pics and icons, as always ~~

I know you want me, you know I want cha ♪Collapse )

Nicchi is back.

Hiiii everybody ♥

It's me, again. I don't know what to say 'cause I don't really have something to say to explain the fact I was not on this community. And on a lot of comm' too. But well, 2 months after my last post, I'm back =P
With icons, yeah, that's right.

Click... Click.... CLICK !Collapse )

And again, icons !

Hey ~~

It's me again ♥
Well, I found a picture on some fans galleries (1 & 2), from CD Data. And one on Nissy's blog today.
I think since the beginning of this community, you have understood : with my post, some icons !

La la la ♪Collapse )

Icons ♪


Well, I just see [info]silystya has posted some things so, I'm back too.
I was too "shy" to post again since... well, since a long time ne ? (・ε・)ノ
SO, I'm back with my wonderful icons, as always (ノ^_^)ノ

Read more...Collapse )

Picture ★ From Naoya's Blog.

2011年09月08日 6th Anniversary Tour!!!

Aren't they cute ? ♥

Picture ★ B=PASS

Hey guys ! It's been a long time right ?
(I'm sorry for the lack of updates but this year has been a busy one~)

So, here I am with a picture from the magazine B=PASS. (@orange-lip-24)

Who's that hand ?Collapse )

[Message]+[Special Only-Chiaki]

Wow. I haven't write there since... a long time.

Sorry but I've been so busy these last months with school, plus what happened in Japan is really bothering me since I'm from Japanese descendents, Japan is like my second home. I'm also really scared for my friends who are living there, some of them are safe, some of them are still missing...
Please pray for Japan and think about what is happening there... a great number of Tokyo living people had to leave their own town yesterday... some people lost their family, their friends, their home.
Recall that the governement is not tell them what really happens in Fukushima so they are living everyday scare, and in need of food and water.

Think about that.
Japan have to know they're not alone.

as maybe everybody knows, I'm a big big big big big [...] fan of Chiaki, so I decided to put some pictures I got of our small beauty;
/!/ Make sure your eyes are fine, because you can die from this amount of cuteness! :)

Ima aitai yo mune ga itai aa...Collapse )


[Cross-Post] CD&DL Data February 2011

Oh hey ! Long time, ne ?
But I'm coming back with a special gift for you ♥

Do you remember this issue of CD&DL Data with AAA Cover Special ?

I know you probably already seen scans of it.
But I made a higher resolution of those scans, especially for you ♥ (yeah, I know I'm kind 8D)

Special Nicchi+Shinsako Preview and DL LinksCollapse )

I also have other scans to share with you (Junon issues of November 2010 and March 2011 ;D)
But for today, that will be all. See ya~♥

[pic] Nico Live + surprise ♥

Hello, it's meeeee, spifle  ♪
Wow. What a long time, no =O ?

Thanks to ringoluvapples  for this report ♥

<< Nissy was also SUPER excited there Buzz album came with Chiaki >>

More and more ♫Collapse )