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Picspam ★ JUNON March 2011 Issue

Oh hey ! I'm back ! (Long time ago, once again, right ? ^^)
Well, I just ended my exams of the semester, so I thought I would post something ♥
(I hope you're still around there XD)

I don't know if you noticed that, but JUNON March Issue features all the members *o*
01/23 JUNON(全員)  この記事を Tweet この記事を mixi Voice でつぶやく

Here is the cover ↓ — This picture of them is great ! ♥

According to cdjapan, preorder already sold out (although deadline was January, 23rd) =O
I guess some scans will probably appear in the next days/weeks =) (yeah, for March issue XD)
I can't wait to see them ♥o♥

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That's all for now. — See ya~♥
A sweet picture to end 2010'
(found @ringoluvapples)

And the last blog entry of the year...Collapse )

[pic] Nissy's blog

Hello, it's me =D

I'm back because there is a Nicchi's picture ♥

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5th Anniversary Live Preview

Hello everybody !

All of us are kinda busy with school so we don't post a lot here these last weeks.

(And actually, I'm here although I should study for my upcoming exams -2 next week, and 3 the week after DX)
But I really wanted to post that !

Anyway, remember that wonderful picture spifle posted here

And as you know, a big part of the 5th Anniversary Live has already been published (WOWOW + PARADISE Extras)
So, thanks to that, now we know from which song it comes from ! \o/

Maybe some of you already saw those extras from PARADISE single that boe_4eva posted @attackallaround
If not, check for the medley Rising Sun~Brand New World~ONE !
Because in this performance, you'll be able to see that awesome and so~ cute moment

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That's all for today ! See ya~♥ (soon, I hope)
Hello ♥ Long time, ne ? :3

Sorry for my long absence, but as explained on my LJ, I couldn't spend so much time on the web so...
Anyway, as I have a break and went back home, I'm here ! :D
I wanted to post that as soon as I was back, but in the end, I was to lazy to do it =/

Let's talk about their Heart to ♥ Tour 2010 ! <♪ ダイジェスト ♪>
I think you remember the few pictures we've already posted ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As the DVD has been released exactly a month ago, I guess most of you have seen that concert !
And so, you know that there are a few Nicchi moments in it

If you haven't watched it yet, don't forget to watch : SHEの事実, Summer Revolution...
And, of course, the HEARTFUL BAR !

Well, as written in the title, here are some GIFs :)Collapse )

See ya~♥ — I hope I'll be able to post the rest soon -o-'


[pic] Ray

Hello =3

It's from the last Ray, they are so cute ♥

And the icon, as usual :D


[pic] God4U

Hellooooooooooooooo ♥

I hope you know this picture from 5th Anniversary -well, if you like looking GOOD ON DEMAND-

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[pics] A LOT OF... 2

[pics] A LOT OF... 1

Some spam-pics for today, girls!

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[pic] JUNON

Hello ♥

Even if I don't have a lot internet, I WANTED TO POST THIS *ç* (from sugar3021). Btw, if you're interested by the photobook of Nissy....

~ Kawaii ♥Collapse )